Presentation Day 2010
Raffle Prize Winners                                                                                                                       
 Ticket No
 Prize Winner
 00462 Tickets Gateshead Thunder Rugby League
I Perkins
 0216Gas BBQ
Barry Teasdale c/o Joe Love U9s
 02204 Man Tent
Peter Mouncey c/o Joe Love U9s
 0224Lunch for 2 at The Ship Inn
J Nesbitt, Wallsend
 0300Selection of Childrens Toys
Kerry Mullen
 03244 Ball Golf at Slaley Hall
Ruth Shepherdson, NE12 9LH
 0378Day at Newcastle Races
Wally Mack, RRD Tech c/o Bob Fletcher
 0412Sat Nav
Phil Harrison, RRD c/o Bob Fletcher
 0606Night for 2 at Mal Maison Newcastle
M Howden, Killingworth
 0613£250 Photograpy Voucher
Mary Fisher, Camperdown
 0700Mountain Bike
Sharon O'Brien DSA
 0798   TelevisionJordan Marshall, NE12 9QP
 1489£250 Photography Voucher
K Burn, NE7 7AP
 1539Night for 2 at Hilton, Gateshead/Newcastle    
Sheila Ingledew, DWP, Postroom c/o U13
 1627Gents Watch
J Devine c/o Liam Devine U13
 1634Nintendo DS
D Newton c/o Liam Devine U13
 1646Ninetendo Wii
Lee Irvine, NE12 8UE
 2121Bottle of Whisky & Photoalbum
Liz Liddell
 2130Dinner for 2 at Gusto's Restaurant
Norman Liddell NE12 8EY
 22632 bottles of wine
Mrs W Campbell, Forest Hall
 2343Rington's Hamper
Rob Edwards c/o Shany
 2348Handsfree Telephone with Answering Machine
Shany U12
 2363Dinner for 2 at Franco's Restaurant    
Mrs Wetherell, Killingworth